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The official reaction of the Court of Accounts in the context of slanderous statements

  • 11.04.2023
  • 1018

In the context of the statements of an employee of the Court of Accounts in social networks, the institution comes with clarifications and specifications, intended to avoid misleading public opinion.

The Court of Accounts considers the mentioned statements slander and insinuations, which denigrate the image of the person with public dignity and harm the image of the institution and the entire collective. The slanderous statements were predictable and were uttered immediately after informing the employee about the decision of the Disciplinary Committee of the Court of Accounts.

The disciplinary sanction was applied to the employee with a management position for non-compliance with the rules of conduct, based on Order no. 79-p of 10.04.2023, as the basis for the action of the president of the Disciplinary Committee of 05.04.2023. The person was subjected to the disciplinary procedure, being severely reprimanded, in accordance with the legislation in force and the internal normative framework of the Court of Accounts - the Regulation of the Disciplinary Committee, which provides for the manner of reporting it, describes the process of investigating the facts reported as disciplinary violations, as well as the application and appeal of the disciplinary sanction.

In accordance with the regulations, the Disciplinary Committee examined the notifications received from the employees subordinate to the mentioned person, who was accused of abusive behavior in violation of ethical norms. In the context of the examination of the complaints filed, the case was proven, and the accused person was given the full right to defense.

It should be mentioned that the employee initiated actions to intimidate a group of employees of the Court of Accounts, who were interviewed by the Disciplinary Committee, in the context of the examination of the file. Some members of the Disciplinary Committee were also subjected to intimidation, which culminated in the attempt to intimidate the President of the Court of Accounts.

The elucidated situation denotes slanderous and derogatory actions towards some employees of the Court of Accounts, as well as attempts to harm the institution's image, in general. It is regrettable that the employee of the institution with the position of manager and who declares herself as a leader failed to resolve the conflicts within the subdivision she leads, adopting an aggressive behavior, a fact that led to the application of the disciplinary sanction.

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