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The experience of the Dutch Parliament in strategic programming, shared with the participants of the international workshop

  • 07.04.2023
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Within the international workshop, organized by the Court of Accounts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the city of Hague, between April 5-6, study visits were undertaken to a number of authorities and public entities in the country. The purpose of the visits was to examine the experience and good practices in the strategic programming of the activity.

The modalities of the Parliament's cooperation with the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) and the involvement of stakeholders in order to make strategic programming more efficient were discussed during the visit to the Parliament of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Special attention during the visit was given to sharing the activity experience of the Analysis and Research Department of the House of Representatives of the Dutch Parliament. The participants in the discussions addressed topics focused on the promotion of SAI’s reports and the role of the Parliament in this process, the ways of presenting the reports to meet the performing the parliamentary control function.

Another study visit was organized to the Central Bank of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The participants of the workshop were familiarized with the Bank's initiatives and innovations in the field of strategic programming of the activity, evaluation and analysis of the gaps in the activity, to improve the performance of the institution. For this purpose, were organized discussions with the representatives of the Analysis and Research Department. Also, were addressed the aspects of the SAI's communication with the audited entity and ways to improve the process, in the context of audits performed at the Central Bank.

Other institutions visited in the context of the exchange of best practices and experience in the field of strategic programming, communication with stakeholders and increasing the impact of the activity were the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, as well as the Amsterdam Municipal Court of Accounts.

The event is part of the activities of the "Strategic Programming" project, implemented by the Court of Accounts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova being selected to participate in this project, along with several other supreme audit institutions within EUROSAI. The aim of the project is to promote cooperation and exchange of experience between peer institutions regarding strategic audit programming.

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