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The CoARM rejects the slanderous and defamatory statements of an employee of the institution and her lawyer

  • 11.09.2023
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The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) rejects the slanderous and defamatory statements made by the employee of the institution, Tatiana Vozian, as well as the manipulative comments of her lawyer, Doina Ioana Străisteanu. Those statements are not true and we believe that they represent an inappropriate reaction to the results of the official investigation carried out by the Disciplinary Commission of the CoARM, in which Tatiana Vozian is targeted.

Thus, within the disciplinary procedure initiated by the Disciplinary Committee of the Court of Accounts, the service investigation was carried out in which the alleged acts of inappropriate behavior attributed to the civil servant Tatiana Vozian, head of the Institutional Development and Methodology Directorate, were examined, reported as disciplinary violations by the co-worker, the head of the Department, exposed in Report no. I-112-23 of 26.07.2023 (attached).

It should be noted that, in the notification submitted, the lady communicated that, as a result of the disciplinary procedure that took place previously regarding Tatiana Vozian, which ended with the application of the disciplinary sanction to the nominated person, both during the course of the disciplinary procedure and afterwards, she was harassed and morally intimidated by Tatiana Vozian. The lady who submitted the complaint mentioned that such actions and attempts at behavior are also being undertaken by Tatiana Vozian, with the aim of unjustly accusing her and destroying her morally. Thus, she invoked that, in a period of time of at least 6 months (February - July of this year), she was subjected to hostile attitudes and treatment at work by Tatiana Vozian who, according to the employment reports, until 01.07.2023, she was her direct superior manager.

The official investigation was carried out between 31.07.2023 and 30.08.2023, the term of the investigation being suspended for 2 weeks, in connection with Tatiana Vozian being on leave. Finally, Tatiana Vozian was informed of the results of the investigation (attached), as required according to the legislation in force.

All procedures took place according to the law, and the statements of Tatiana Vozian and her lawyer have nothing in common with reality.

In this way, the CoARM reconfirms its openness to providing truthful information and appeals to everyone not to be misled by falsehoods promoted with ill will in the public space.


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