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Regional Joint Workshop with the participation of the auditors of the Court of Accounts

  • 15.04.2021
  • 353

Between April 12-15, the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) participates in a Regional Joint Workshop, organized by the representatives of the World Bank Office in Central Asia. The workshop includes a series of trainings on topics related to financial management, procurement, anti-corruption in projects financed by the World Bank. The event was organized in a teleconference format.

The CoA's group of auditors had the opportunity to participate in discussions on the World Bank's procurement system, the regulatory framework, the Development Project Procurement Strategy (DPPS), working methods and standard documentation for non-consulting, the process of evaluating non-consultancy goods and services, preparing reports, the methodology for selecting consultancy services and evaluating proposals. Also, the standard documentation and financial management for the employees dealing with procurement, the control of the execution of procurement contracts and the techniques implemented in the anti-corruption field within the projects financed by the World Bank were thoroughly analyzed.

We mention that the trainings are intended, in particular, for specialists in the field of public procurement or for those who are related to this field, the participants being familiar with the respective procedures of the World Bank.

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