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The Court of Accounts attended the XI EUROSAI Congress

  • 14.04.2021
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Today, 14 April, the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), members of the European Organization of SAIs - EUROSAI, took part in the work of the 11th EUROSAI Congress.

The event was organized in online format by the SAI of the Czech Republic, an institution that took over the presidency of EUROSAI from the SAI of Turkey.

The team of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) was represented at the event by Marian Lupu, President of the CoA, the Members of the Court of Accounts - Andrei Munteanu and Petru Rotaru, as well as Violeta Balan, Head of the External Relations and Communication Section.

We mention that the EUROSAI Congress was organized online for the first time in the history of the organization, due to the pandemic situation, being focused on the most important aspects that need to be discussed and approved, in order to ensure the functionality of the organization.

The Congress was preceded by the 53rd meeting of the EUROSAI Governing Council, during which the main documents and decisions were approved, submitted for examination and approval to the XI EUROSAI Congress.

Thus, the activity reports of the presidency, the secretariat, the working groups and other structures of the organization, the financial reports and the auditor's reports were presented and approved during the Congress. The financial plan of the organization for the following years, the technical amendments to the Eurosai Strategic Plan, as well as the amendments to the Statute of the organization were also examined and approved.

The Congress offered the opportunity to transfer the leadership of the organization from the current president – the SAI of Turkey - to the future President of Eurosai, the SAI of the Czech Republic. The new members of the Governing Council of EUROSAI – the SAIs of Great Britain and Lithuania were also approved.

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