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IT Audit Capacity building within the World Bank Project

  • 02.03.2015
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A team of foreign experts is in Chisinau, in the period of February-March 2015, with the aim to implement the World Bank Project "Strengthening Capacity of the Court of Accounts of Moldova", the Component "Developing capacity to audit various types of IT-based systems".

According to the Implementation Plan for 2015 of the mentioned project, the experts aim to implement activities on adjusting and completion of existing methodology for conducting IT audits according to the international standards, to prepare training modules, to train the CoA's staff involved in auditing of IT-based systems, considering different types of IT audit, providing trainings and consultations on pilot-audits.

Thus, on February 16-20, the expert Mr. Paul O'Neill provided consultations, support and specialized training in IT audit for CoA's auditors. Mr. Adrian Jolliff, another expert, studied the CoA's existing practice of conducting IT audits and provides training at the workplace for specialized team in IT auditing, from February 23 to March 6.

Two meetings were held between officials of the Centre for Electronic Governance and foreign experts Paul O'Neill, Chris Shapcott, Adrian Jolliff, and Ecaterina Paknehad - project coordinator and member of the CoA, members of the audit team, in order to develop the preliminary study on initiation of the IT audit of technological modernization strategies of governance. At the meeting there were discussed organizational and conceptual moments on the conducting of the pilot-audits.

The general objective of the World Bank Project is to strengthen the capacity of the CoA and to conduct a series of activities for improving the public external audit in the Republic of Moldova, increasing the efficiency of audit and capacity building institution. The grant offered aims to support the implementation of the CoA's Strategic Development Plan for 2011 - 2015.    



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