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The employees of the Court of Accounts benefited from trainings organized by NIA

  • 28.01.2022
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The employees of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) benefited from trainings, organized with the support of the National Integrity Authority (NIA), on January 28 this year. The training session focused on current topics, such as how to complete and submit the declaration of assets and personal interests, compliance with the legal regime of conflicts of interest, incompatibilities and restrictions.

Viorel Sochircă, Head of the Policy Evaluation, Prevention and Implementation Department, and Vadim Juravschi, integrity inspector, presented online as moderators of the training session.

The participants in the training session were informed about the importance of the correct and compliant declaration of assets and personal interests, the timely submission of declarations, as well as about the contraventions related to the violation of the legal regime, etc. Likewise, Mr. Sochircă reported on the new sections on declaring wealth and personal interests. Thus, state dignitaries and civil servants can declare their movable and immovable property, both in the country and abroad, indicating even the real market value, but also the motivation of the difference between the value of the good and the market value of the good.

The subjects of the declaration are also obliged to fill in the data about the services they purchased during the declaration period, only if they exceed the total amount of ten average monthly salaries per economy. Concerning the declaration of procured services, the subjects of the declaration will indicate the services or the type of procured services, either medical or repair services, whose cumulative value during a year exceeds 10 average monthly salaries per economy and information about virtual goods, including virtual currency, whose value exceeds ten average monthly salaries per economy.

We mention that the CoARM and NIA signed in 2018 a Collaboration Agreement, which involves the mutual exchange of training of the parties' staff by trainers specialized in the fields of activity of common interest.

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