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Annual conference in the field of public internal financial control with the participation of the representatives of the Court of Accounts

  • 27.01.2022
  • 1275

On January 26, the representatives of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) participated in the Annual Conference in the field of public internal financial control with the theme "Internal Managerial Control - roles and connections". The event, organized at national level, aims to publicize and promote the concept of internal managerial control, internal audit and responsibility for good governance.

The conference was organized with the support of the National Academy of Finance and Economics of the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and was moderated by the expert from the Ministry of Finance of Romania, Ms. Mioara Diaconescu.

For the development of an interesting and interactive event, but also for sharing experience and opinions, were invited to participate in online format, operational managers and, in particular, representatives of the designated subdivision responsible for coordinating the activities of organizing and maintaining internal managerial control, as well as internal auditors of public sector authorities and institutions.

The opening session of the event was attended by the Minister of Finance, Dumitru Budianschi, who mentioned that internal managerial control is one of the key components of streamlining public administration and strengthening managerial accountability for the efficient use of public money. "Despite the fact that we have a fairly solid regulatory framework on public internal financial control, the results confirmed by the monitoring reports of the Ministry of Finance, Court of Accounts and Financial Inspection, attest situations in which internal managerial control and internal audit is poorly implemented. Under these conditions, it is necessary that from that passive framework, established at the regulatory level, the internal managerial control (IMC) to become the driving force for the development of public sector institutions."

Ana Scorpan, CoARM’s internal auditor spoke about the consolidation of the IMC system within the public entity, by establishing the three “c” - cooperation, coordination, communication, through responsibility and professionalism.

During the Conference, the three lines of responsibility were outlined: managers - those for whom internal managerial control is a priority and who have the role of organizing and maintaining it, IMC coordinators - who monitor the system and drive the enterprise for development and internal auditors - who carry out the systematic, independent and objective evaluation of the internal managerial control and support the management in implementation.

Finally, it was mentioned that it is important for each entity to set clear objectives in order to achieve the expected results. These objectives can only be achieved in conditions of transparency and integrity, based on clear rules, with risks controlled by a strong and robust system.

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