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Tatiana Şevciuc was appointed as Member of the Audit Supervisory Committee

  • 01.09.2023
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On August 30, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the new nominal composition of the Audit Supervisory Committee, by amending the Government’s Decision no. 167/2022. Thus, Tatiana Șevciuc, Member of the Court of Accounts, will also be part of the Audit Supervisory Committee.

The criteria for appointing members were as follows: higher education in the economic or legal field, at least 10 years of work experience in the economic or legal field/in the audit field, the ability to analyze under different aspects and to apply this analysis in the decision-making process, knowledge of the Romanian language, lack of criminal antecedents, confirmed by the criminal record.

We mention that the Audit Supervisory Committee is one of the governing bodies of the Public Institution "Public Audit Supervisory Council". The Audit Supervisory Committee consists of 7 non-practitioner members, who possess knowledge in the economic or legal field and is composed of two representatives of the Ministry of Finance, a representative of the National Bank of Moldova, a representative of the Court of Accounts, a representative of the National Committee of the Financial Market, a representative of the business environment and a representative of the academic environment specialized in auditing.

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