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Initiating IT audit

  • 25.09.2009
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    In the view of implementing its activities, The World Bank project included in its terms of reference performance of two pilot IT audits in entities with integrated IT systems. Thus, during 14–18 September, 2009 a training course in IT audit was held for six employees of the Court of Accounts. 

    Within the trainings, the participants obtained new knowledge about the IT audit processes, models and types of controls to be used during audit missions, the importance of data security, etc. 

    Goal or the objective of these audits is to review the functionality of included, available information of the informational systems from different fields, as well as integrity, veracity and security of data input in the system.
     Significance of these audits derives from the consistency of data being reported on a regular basis, serving as a ground for financial reporting, a significant importance having the integrity and veracity of using public money allocated for different areas.

     As Mr Gh. Cojocari, member of the Court of Accounts, mentioned, the knowledge obtained within the training will be applied in the pilot IT audit which will be undertaken at the National Health Insurance Company, starting with 22 September this year.

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