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Development of bilateral cooperation between Court of Accounts of Moldova and National Audit Office of Bulgaria

  • 03.06.2009
  • 1513

    On 1-2 June 2009, a delegation of the CoA headed by Elisaveta Foca, Deputy President of the CoA, paid an official visit to Sofia and Plovdiv upon the invitation of Valeriy Dimitrov, President of the National Audit Office of Bulgaria. During the official visit, a Cooperation Memorandum between the Court of Accounts of Moldovan and the National Audit Office of Bulgaria was signed. The Memorandum provides for the development of the bilateral cooperation with a view to consolidate both audit institutions through various forms of information, knowledge and experience sharing. The Moldovan and Bulgarian SAI will permanently intensify their joint efforts of cooperation both bilaterally and within the EUROSAI and INTOSAI. Also, the SAI of the two countries will develop cooperation within the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP).
   The memorandum provides for the development of cooperation with a view to improve the audit activity, including auditing of the local government budgets. For this purpose, a meeting was organized with the Territorial Office in Plovdiv, during which opinions were fruitfully exchanged with regard to the issues related to auditing local government budgets. 

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