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Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova


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External donors will further support the Court of Accounts in strengthening its Supreme Audit Institution capacity

  • 25.09.2009
  • 1087

   On September 25, 2009, the Court of Accounts held the Vth meeting of the Advisory Board for the implementation of the Strategic Development Plan in 2006-2010. The implementation of the Plan for Strategic Development of Court of Accounts is conducted with the support and technical assistance of the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO) and the Multi-donor Trust Fund (DFID and Government of the Netherlands), managed by the World Bank. In order to coordinate the activities between development partners and monitor the action taken, the Advisory Board was set up to implement the Strategic Development Plan, which includes representatives of the Court of Accounts, SNAO, World Bank, Committee for Economic Policy, Budget and Finance of the Parliament of Moldova, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Ministry of Information Development and Financial Control and Revision Service.

Link: press release

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