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The Workshop "Financial/Regularity audit process"

  • 16.05.2011
  • 1287
From May 16 to 20, a workshop with the theme "Financial/Regularity audit process'' will be organized and supported by SNAO experts: Anne Fahl, Annika C Karlsson, Christian Armandt.
In the first day participate: Mr. Serafim Urechean, President of the Court of Accounts, Directors of Methodological and strategic planning department and Audit Department III, heads of subdivisions and auditors from territorial divisions of Audit Department III.
Discussions will be focus on the following topics:  audit process (audit planning, audit, reporting), international standards, internal control, risk assessment, audit quality, audit evidence, audit programs, working papers , reporting, opinion, findings, recommendations, etc..
Representatives from both the CoA and SNAO has been actively involved in discussions, questions, answers, exercises, examples of their current activity, etc..
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