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Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova

The luxury in which wallow the employees of the Competition Council

  • 03.04.2015
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Meeting with sparks at the Court of Accounts during which was examined the performance audit report of the Competition Council. The reporters detected serious deviations in remuneration, rewards, as well as in the rent of the space for this institution. The Court of Accounts revealed that, in the conditions of austerity, when the allocations for many budgetary institutions are cut, the leadership of the Competition Council wallow in luxury.

Despite the recommendations of the Ministry of Finance, it rents a very expensive space. 37% of the budget of the institution for 2014, which was of 8,5 million lei, were allocated for rent and the payment of utility services. The maintenance of one employee of the Competition Council costs annually, just for the rent sector, 95 thousand lei from the state budget. At the same time, the head of the Competition Council has an office of a surface of 100 sq meters.

Irregularities of over 2 million lei

The auditors of the Court of Accounts established that at the Competition Council, in 2014, were engaged just 59 percent from the number of employees provided in staff. While at the end of 2014 here were activating 52 persons, it was rented space for 117 employees. The money for remuneration of those 41 percent of vacant units, about 2 million lei, the leadership of the Competition Council considered as savings and shared it as rewards and material aid to the employees of the institution. Rewards got even the men for the 8th of March. "All the employees received two unique rewards for professional days, the Day of Economist and the Lawyer's Day, even if not everybody have studies in the economic or judicial domain.

The "Jurnal de Chisinau" writes that they benefited of rewards for the Civil Service Day, including the leadership which has public dignity function, although it is not eligible for such payments, they being irregularly paid total about 57 thousand lei. The members of the plenary of the Competition Council also benefited of rewards with the occasion of Competition Day and with the occasion of the 8th of March.

With this occasion, men were remunerated, too. In the period 2013-2014, the members of the plenary of the Competition Council were irregularly accorded the second unique material aid of an amount of 66 thousand lei", emphasized the representative of the Audit Commission.

Viorica Carare to Urechean: "You will receive what you deserve later!"

Pawkily, the president of the Court of Accounts, Serafim Urechean, declared that could have problems from now on, because, in comparison with the Competition Council, the Court of Accounts does not offer rewards to men for the 8th of March. "It is gender discrimination, Mister President. We have a parliamentary body which is responsible for it", tried to parry with a "joke" Viorica Carare. The president of the Court of Accounts also said that he has not seen in last four years a greater mockery of the public finances like at the Competition Council.

"I do not know if this state is so rich to permit to acquit these enormous amounts for rent", he said. Clearly mad, Viorica Carare hinted that what she does is just an example of the Court of Accounts. Urechean reproached her that they are not in a "tennis school", and Carare, in her turn, got closer to him and threatened: "You will receive what you deserve later!".

The Ministry of Finance noted the irregularities from the Competition Council

Invited at this meeting, the representative of the Ministry of Finance, Andrei Prisacari, declared that in the minutes of the discussions which were in the process of budget negotiations, where was approached the problem of the rent of space by the Competition Council for 2015, the MF did not support such expenditure. The Competition Council required a budget of 20 million lei, but it was approved a budget of 12 million lei. Viorica Carare declared that, despite these dissatisfaction, in this sum is included the payment for the rent for 2015 as well.

The deputy minister of Labor Sergiu Sainciuc declared that we have a clear law which stipulates in what conditions are accorded rewards and salaries to the persons with public dignity and to the civil servants. The money from savings represent the sources remained from unpaid vacations, sick leaves or inability to work, or the funds accumulated from the temporarily vacant units. In the case of the Competition Council it is not about temporarily vacant units, but about units which were not supplemented for more than one year, respectively that money does not represent savings, which can be used as rewards.

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