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The Court of Accounts will implement a new AIS system „Audit CoARM„

  • 03.03.2022
  • 1035

The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) will implement a new system for monitoring the implementation of audit recommendations Automated Information System (AIS) "Audit CoARM".

On March 3, in a videoconference regime, an information meeting on the given system took place, which was attended by about 90 auditors of the CoARM.

At the beginning of the information session, Andrei Munteanu, CoARM’s Member, mentioned that in order to increase the efficiency of organizing, conducting and monitoring the external public audit, the CoARM decided on updating and modernizing the information system (IS) "Register of Audits" (RA) an effective tool for organizing and conducting the process of monitoring the implementation of recommendations by audited entities.

The AIS "Audit CoARM" is intended to store, update and analyze data on audits performed, audited entities, requirements, recommendations submitted and executed, etc. The training of the information resource in question is carried out through the maintenance and completion of the AIS. This system allows the operative generation of statistical and analytical reports, the record of the CoARM’s Decisions and the possibility to quickly identify the CoaRM’s Decisions whose execution term has expired, the real-time visualization of information on planning, initiating, carrying out, finalizing and monitoring the execution of audit recommendations, etc.

The AIS is interconnected with the CoARM’s website, which allows information from the system regarding audit decisions and reports, as well as actions taken by audited entities to implement audit recommendations to be placed on the page in the behavior " Audit/Audit Reports”.

Likewise, new functionalities have been introduced, which provide for the establishment of the “Cabinet of the entity”, which involves the interconnection of the entity through the CoARM’s website to the decisions and reports in which it is concerned.

The migration and modernization of the system will contribute to increasing the efficiency and transparency of the CoARM's work, monitoring and recording of audits by automating the coordination of the audit program, creating an effective tool for generating monitoring and evaluation reports of local and national missions, detecting and preventing abuses, illegalities or violations in the process of conducting audits, processing information exclusively in digital format, etc.

We mention that the modernization and development of the information system was carried out by a Moldovan-Romanian-French company that has been operating on the Moldovan market for more than 20 years.


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