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The Court of Accounts participates within the Meeting of the RM-EU Subcommittee on Economic and Other Sectors Cooperation

  • 10.03.2022
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The European Commission welcomes the progress made by the Court of Accounts and will continue to support the strengthening of this important institution of the country.

Luca Oriani Vieira, Policy Officer of the European Commission's General Directorate for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations (GD NEN), transmitted such a message after discussing the progress made by the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM).

We mention that the representatives of the CoARM participate in the 7th meeting of the RM-EU Subcommittee for economic and other sectors cooperation - Cluster 1 ”Economic dialogue, public finance management, statistics, financial services, control clauses and anti- fraud”, which takes place by teleconference on March 10-11.

Senior European Commission’s officials (ECFIN, GD NEN) and representatives of a number of state institutions discussed the macroeconomic situation within the European Union and within the Republic of Moldova and the progress of structural reforms, registered in 2021 in our country.

Andrei Munteanu, Member of the CoARM presented the developments of the Supreme Audit Institution on two required reporting dimensions: the report on the examination of the CoARM's reports by the Public Finance Control Committee (PFCC) and the progress registered concerning the Peer Review.

We highlight that in 2021, the Court of Accounts submitted to the Committee all approved audit reports, including the Annual Report and the Activity Report, as well as thematic summaries on sensitive audit issues in areas such as public procurement, privatization of public goods, Government efforts in overcoming the pandemic crisis. The PFCC examined 40 CoARM’s audit reports during public meetings, and were approved decisions with recommendations to the audited entities. The Court of Accounts regularly informed the PFCC of the actions taken and the level of implementation of the recommendations mentioned in the audit reports.

The second engagement - finalizing and sharing the results of the Court of Accounts' first Peer Review and reviewing its recommendations is in the process of being implemented, with the final report to be presented to stakeholders in the first half of this year. The aim of the international evaluation is to assess the current situation in a number of key areas and to make a significant contribution to the development of the Court of Accounts. The preliminary findings and recommendations of the Peer Review report were taken into account by the institution when preparing and approving a number of strategic documents.

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