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The Court of Accounts hosts a delegation from Georgia

  • 28.01.2010
  • 1423
This week the Court of Accounts hosts a delegation from the Chamber of Control of Georgia. The purpose of this visit is experience exchange between the institutions and familiarizing the Georgian delegation with the results obtained by the Court of Accounts of Moldova during its cooperation with the SNAO (Swedish National Audit Office).                                                                

Georgian delegation is headed by the President of the Chamber of Control, Levan Bezhashvili and other four department heads: Sergo Meskhi, George Alasania, Nino Chaduneli, Levan Alapshvili.                                                                                                                                                         

The agenda includes meetings with the Court of Accounts management, communication about aligning the Court’s activity to the new auditing standards, and, on the last day of the visit, the Georgian delegation will meet the President of the Parliamentary Committee for Economic Policy, Budget and Finance, Veaceslav Ioniţă.                                                                                 

This visit is performed in the context of the Cooperation Agreement signed between the Court of Accounts of Moldova and the Chamber of Control of Georgia in 2005.

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