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Staff development – a topical issue for Court of Accounts

  • 30.04.2009
  • 1464

    On 28-30 April 2009, the mission of Staff Development consultants Ray Watkins (Human Resource Management and Communication Consultant) and David Kellet (Training Consultant) visited the CoA.
    During the mission, meetings with the working group responsible for the implementation of the Human Resource Management and Development Strategy were held in order to discuss and finalize the following draft documents:
1. Professional Training and Development Strategy
2. Professional Career Development
3. Human Resource Planning and Budgeting.
    Certain aspects related to the organization of the recruitment procedure given the existent legal framework as well as some examples of international good practice were also discussed. 
   These documents are to be finalized by the experts taking into consideration the comments of the working group members. They are to be submitted during the next mission to take place on 25 May 2009.

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