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Sharing the good practices and experience of the Court of Accounts in the development of the quality management system

  • 01.12.2022
  • 1148

A workshop on the exchange of best practices and international experience in the establishment and development of quality control and assurance practices and procedures is organized in Stockholm, Sweden, between November 29 and December 2.

The event is hosted by the Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO), in the context of the Cooperation Project with the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM), in one of the components of the project - the control and quality assurance system.

The CoARM’s team is led by the Project leader from the institution, the CoARM’s Member, Andrei Munteanu and the component leader, Head of the Apparatus, Ecaterina Paknehad.

The participants discussed the existing situation regarding the development of the quality management system within CoARM, the opportunities and challenges in this context, the progress made and the future vision regarding the further development of quality assurance procedures and tools. The Court of Accounts team presented the basic aspects of the new Guide on the quality management system, which is to be approved in a test regime and implemented, starting from January 2023.

Another important aspect discussed in the workshop is the incorporation of the aspect of communication at all stages of the implementation of quality assurance procedures, as well as in order to facilitate the promotion of the implementation of the necessary improvements in existing practices.

The workshop aims to create additional premises for the establishment of a sustainable system of control and quality assurance of the institutional activity within the CoARM, which in turn will contribute to improving the quality of audit work and related activities, according to the rigors of the international standards of the INTOSAI profile organization, in particular the ISSAI 140 standard.

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