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New targets of cooperation between the Court of Accounts and the Swedish National Audit Office

  • 17.12.2009
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On December 17-18, 2009, a delegation of the Court of Accounts, headed by Mrs. Ala Popescu, President of the Court of Accounts, visited Stockholm, Sweden to participate in the session of Coordination Committee on the implementation of the Court of Accounts Strategic Development Plan and offering a gratuitous assistance for 2007-2009 by the Swedish National Audit Office  (SNAO). SNAO supported various activities of the Court of Accounts linked to the following fields: developing legal framework; developing the Regularity Audit Manual and Quality framework; introducing an updated audit approach; conducting some annual pilot audits of certification in course of which internal controls at audited central public authorities were evaluated; developing relations with Parliament and Government; training the Court of Accounts staff on financial auditing in accordance with international audit standards; developing international relations.                                                                                      
On December 17 there took place the summing-up session on cooperation between the Court of Accounts and NAOS in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement signed on January 26, 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The long-term cooperation project, within which the assistance for developing institutional capacity of the Court of Accounts for 2007-2009 was offered, had a general objective to improve the Court of Account capacity to conduct better audits and promote a higher accountability and a more efficient management of public finances. The Coordination Committee is a final decision-making institution, responsible to achieve the project targets. For each year there was developed an implementation plan, approved by the Coordination Committee.                                                                                                                             

SNAO contribution covered the costs of activities conducted during January 2007 - December 31, 2009 and amounted to about 16 million Swedish kronor ($ 1,100,000). Funds provided by NAOS were managed and used only for project activities, as specified in the project document and annual implementation plans, for costs of consulting and travelling of SNAO staff and external consultants, hired by SNAO. Also, SNAO financially supported the Court of Accounts when organizing the meeting of SAI heads from the countries participating in SEECP “SAI from South-Eastern Europe - Developments and Prospects” and the international conference titled “Ways to improve SAI activity in the context of the European integration: experiences and practices of the SAI from South-Eastern Europe” in September 2008, Scientific-practical conference titled “Strengthening the capacity of the Court of Accounts as a supreme institution of external audit on public finances: achievements and prospects” of December 4, 2009, as well as at participation of the Court of Accounts employees in various EUROSAI and INTOSAI congresses and conferences, workshops and working sessions organized by international institutions.                                                                                                                                                                
On December 18, at the Coordinating Committee session there will be set out basic tasks for further cooperation between institutions. For this purpose there will be signed a new cooperation agreement between the Court of Accounts and SNAO for the years 2010-2012, and SNAO contribution will amount to about $ 1 million. The same day, a meeting of the Coordinating Committee members with representatives of the Audit Committee of Swedish Parliament will take place.                                                                                                                                

The Moldovan delegation also includes Mr. Andrew Conişescu, consultant of the Committee for Economy, Budget and Finance of the Parliament of Moldova.      
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