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Congratulation message to the Court of Accounts employees on the 15th anniversary of the Court of Accounts foundation Dear employees of the Court of Accounts,

  • 08.12.2009
  • 1051
On December 8, 1994, the young independent state – the Republic of Moldova established a goal – to control the way of composing and consuming public financial resources and managing public assets. In this purpose, a supreme institution of external financial control – Court of Accounts – was founded.                                                                                                                       

The concerned attribution, set out by the Article 133 of RM Constitution, is exercised by the Court of Accounts through financial controls and external financial revisions with structural organizational procedures distinctly approved by the Law no. 312-XIII of December 8, 1994, “On the Court of Accounts”.                                                                                                                            

Over the years, with a view to the execution of legal attributions, the Court of Accounts contributed to the improvement of public management and tended to an efficient managerial accountability, applying financial controls and reviews of the means used in the public sector.

In 2006, together with other public authorities involved in the process of line-up to high   standards of competence and professionalism, the Court of Accounts assumed, as its responsible task, the implementation of the Article 42 of Moldova-European Union Action Plan, in order to ensure the foundation and functioning of a SAI which would work in accordance with INTOSAI international standards and European good practices, launching the implementation of the Court of Accounts Strategic Development Plan and supporting loyal foreign donors.                                                                                                                                            

A better audit is the mission of the Strategic Development Plan, implemented by some clear procedures meeting high convergence standards.                                                                                   

We wish to all Court of Accounts employees health, good luck, insistence and correctness about all goals we established, and a higher added value to the activity in the field of public finance management.                                                                                                                                                        

With respect,                                                                    
Ala Popescu                                                            
President of the Court of Accounts                                 
December 8, 2009     


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