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Meeting with representatives of the Millennium Challenge Corporation

  • 15.09.2010
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On September 15 of the present year, representatives of the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation Mrs. Leslie McCuaig, the new Country Director for Moldova of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Mr Robert Fry, Director of Performance Audit Department, James Charlifue, Deputy Assistant of General Inspector, and Mrs. Valentina Badrajan, Executive Director of the Millennium Challenge Fund for Moldova, had a meeting with the management of the Court of Accounts.                                                                                                                         

During the meeting, Mrs. Ala Popescu, President of the Court of Accounts, presented brief information about the activities, functions and role of the Court of Accounts of Moldova.

MCC representatives mentioned that the aim of the Corporation’s activity is to provide financial support and assistance directed towards economic growth for those countries that have shown great dedication for a development based on the principles of democracy and good  governance. The support is provided by a gratuitous financing of investments, identified by the recipient country by efficiency criteria and maximum economic impact, and summarized in the Full Assistance Program COMPACT. Moldova receives a full funding from the Millennium Challenge Corporation.                                                                                                                                       

In this context, the Millennium Challenge Corporation representatives are on a mission in Moldova to assess the audit capacity of the independent audit firms from Moldova to finally choose a firm that will audit the COMPACT program on behalf of the Corporation.      
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