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INTOSAI scientific and practical conference, with the participation of the Court of Accounts

  • 23.04.2021
  • 347

The representatives of the supreme audit institutions (SAI) within the International Organization of SAI - INTOSAI, as well as the representatives of other international structures and organizations met, for the period April 21-22, during the first Online Scientific and Practical Conference, organized under the auspices Presidency of INTOSAI, Court of Auditors of the Russian Federation.

The team of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM), led by the CoARM’s Member - Andrei Munteanu, participated in the plenary sessions of the conference and in the open discussions on various topics of interest to the supreme audit institutions.

During the plenary session "Auditing the public sector and the evolution of governance practices during and after the emergency", the participants discussed the challenges faced by national governments and the international community, the need to adapt government institutions, policies and practices. Closer and more in-depth collaboration between INTOSAI and other major international organizations is essential to understanding future development prospects and ensuring that SAIs remain relevant and lead the transformation by their own example.

The plenary session on the second working day of the Conference was dedicated to online education in the context of the professional development of SAI’s employees. The rapid evolution of the modern world conditions the rethinking of training methods in order to adapt to new requirements and circumstances.

An important component of the Conference were the open discussion sessions on various topics, such as auditing the social and medical sector, public procurement and audit innovations, inclusion in audit, strategic audit, data analysis in audit work, opening SAIs, audit of objectives sustainable development.

For the first time, a representative of the CoA was invited by the Conference organizers to participate as a moderator of an open discussion group. Thus, Violeta Balan, Head of the External Relations and Communication Section, made a presentation on “Inclusion - an audit objective or an audit criterion. The importance of approaching inclusion during the crisis ”, as well as guided the participants in the free discussions in the debate of the proposed topic, challenges, solutions and the impact of the elucidated aspect. The inclusion approach has been agreed as one of the ways to increase the value and benefits of SAI. This concept is assessed by the SAIs in the broader context of the audit of UN-approved sustainable development goals and has also become particularly important in pandemic conditions, as government resources are specifically allocated to help the most vulnerable groups of the population.

The conference was a unique platform for expertise and exchange of experience during informal sessions in brainstorming and discussion formats, focusing on the role of international organizations and SAI in global governance, the future of education and the training of civil servants.

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