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Improving governance systems of supreme audit institutions, discussed with IDI experts

  • 18.10.2022
  • 1042

The initiative for the development of the international profile organization INTOSAI (IDI) organized a round of online discussions with the participation of representatives of supreme audit institutions (SAIs) candidates to participate in the launch phase of the TOGETHER initiative.

Thus, on October 17, the representatives of the Court of Accounts, Andrei Munteanu, Member and Violeta Balan, Head of Section, evaluated the needs for the development of the SAI on aspects related to governance, human resources management, ethics, inclusion, gender equality with experts from the IDI.

We note that the Court of Accounts was recently invited to share its experience in organizing and using the results of employee surveys at the TOGETHER online launch conference. In the initial phase, the initiative will be piloted on a selected number of SAIs and will include training and support in the analysis and development of governance and management processes.

The IDI TOGETHER initiative aims to support SAIs in improving the overall governance systems of human resources, ethics, gender and inclusion, thereby contributing to better governance of the SAIs and an improved contribution to accountability, integrity and governance in the public sector.

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