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Cooperation of the Court of Accounts with the audited entity, in the context of implementing the audit recommendations

  • 07.04.2021
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Representatives of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) and a number of public entities met in a working meeting to discuss the difficulties encountered in implementing the recommendations submitted by the CoARM in the Audit Report on the financial reports of the “Moldsilva” Agency, concluded on December 31, 2019, approved throughout the Decision of the Court of Accounts no. 15 from April 29, 2020. The meeting was organized in teleconference format, on April 7 this year.

Within this meeting, the Court of Accounts was represented by Violeta Andrieș, Member of the CoARM, Svetlana Purici, Head of the General Audit Department, Reghina Bogatîreț, Head of the Legal Department and the auditors - Eugen Popa and Valentin Budeci. The discussions were attended by officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment (MARDE) - Secretaries of State Mihail Machidon and Valentina Țapeș, the General Director of Moldsilva Agency - Dumitru Cojocaru, representative of the Public Property Agency (PPA) - Natalia Chilaru, as well as and Ina Darii - Head of the Ministry of Finance.

The recommendations of the CoARM, the implementation of which has been discussed, refer to:

- compliance with the provisions of the legislation in force on the issue of authorizations for wild boar hunting and the exclusion of cases of their free release, on the basis of a management order;

- updating, adjusting the contractual clauses regarding the amount of the payment for the lease of the forest fund, approved throughout the Government’s Decision no.187 from February 20, 2008.

During the meeting, Mr. Cojocaru mentioned that the entity encounters difficulties in the process of implementing the recommendations stipulated in the CoA’s Decision no.15 from April 29, 2020 and communicated that the tenants of the forest fund, for hunting purposes, do not accept payment for the wild hunting of wild boars, and the tenants of the forest fund, for recreational purposes, do not want to accept the adjustments related to the modified amount, which will lead to the termination of the contracts.

In this context, Mr. Machidon, Secretary of State for MARDE, appreciated the work done by the audit team and mentioned that the Moldsilva Agency has well-established tasks for implementing the recommendations.

At the same time, the CoARM reiterated the mentioned audit recommendations, finding that ignoring the provisions of the legislation in force on issuing authorizations for wild boar hunting led to underestimation of revenues by 0.3 million lei by issuing them free of charge, based on an internal administrative order, in the conditions under which no legislative or normative act in the field provides for the free issuance of those authorizations. Such situations were also certified for the period between 2017-2018, for which the total amount of possible revenues for collection would have been 0.8 million lei.

We mention that, in the context of facilitating the implementation of the audit recommendations, the CoARM supports the communication with the verified entities, being frequently organized working discussions at all stages of the audit.

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