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Visit of UK NAO Consultant, Ray Watkins, to the Court of Accounts of Moldova

  • 30.09.2008
  • 1057

The UK National Audit Office (UK NAO) is the consulting company to assist the Court of Accounts (CoA) to achieve the goals and objectives set out in the SDP regarding human resource development.

To implement the Terms of Reference (ToRs) for the consultant in human resource development, the CoA and UK NAO signed a contract on consultancy services.

The above contract will be implemented within one year. The implementation of the contract provisions started today, 30 September 2008, during the visit of UK NAO consultant, Ray Watkins to the CoA. The visit will last 2 weeks and is aimed at developing the Action Plan for the implementation of the ToRs.

The consultant had a meeting with Mrs. Ala Popescu, President of the Court of Accounts. Generally the meeting focused on the goal of Ray Watkins’ visit and priority actions he is to take. The CoA president noted that while developing the documents the consultant should take into consideration the specifics of the country, level of development, the existent legal framework in the given field as well as that the actions are to be undertaken should be consistent with the ones already carried out in the field of human resources of the CoA.

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