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Time recording: a concern for Court of Accounts

  • 06.05.2009
  • 1529

   On 5-6 May 2009, the mission responsible for the implementation of Subproject “Introduction and testing of time recording system in the Court of Accounts of Moldova” visited the CoA. The mission comprised Bo Lundholm (Swedish Statistics Office, responsible for the subproject), Hakan Dahlstrom (National Financial Management Authority, Sweden, expert), Johanna Ekberg (Swedish Statistics Office, project trainer).
     All the members of the working group responsible for the implementation of the subproject attended the meeting on May 5, during which a detailed presentation of the achievements of the CoA related to the implementation of the time recording system so far were presented. All the organizational measures and steps taken from the last mission to date were presented, and the deficiencies admitted by the CoA employees when filling in the reports were analyzed.
     Also, the concept of the Basic Programme for the electronic data input was presented and the options and versions of the Reports to be obtained following data processing were explained.
     The experts evaluated the results obtained as fantastic, expressing their confidence in that this subproject would a success.


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