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Third mission of “Time Record” Subproject

  • 10.12.2008
  • 1320
   During December 8-10, the third mission of the “Time Record” subproject at the Court of Accounts (CoA) took place with the participation of the CoA working group established for its implementation comprising E. Foca, E. Paknehad, Gh. Cojocari, A. Pascaru, G. Antoci and C. Ciolac as well as international consultants Bo Lundholm, Hakan Dahlstrom and Helena Torege.
Between the previous and current missions, the working group has successfully carried out and anticipated a big part of the actions planned for the first half of the coming year by developing the draft time record system.
Thus, starting from the first working day in 2009, the CoA will introduce a simplified time recording system for the audit activity, for separate audits and for the activity of the institution as a whole.
The simplified system will be tested, adjusted and improved during 2009, and from 2010, taking into account the experience gained and the assistance of project consultants, the CoA will operate the time recording system, allowing it to monitor how time is used to carry out the tasks, functions and competencies, which in turn will serve as a starting point for correct time provision, and efficient and effective planning, organization and use of human and financial resources. 
The introduction of this system will contribute to a better operational organization, development of accountability and self control in employees, things that deserve special attention during the transition period the institution is currently experiencing.   
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