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The priorities of the Court of Accounts discussed during the CoARM's meeting

  • 31.03.2023
  • 613

Today, March 31, the plenary meeting of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) took place.

In this context, was examined and approved by the Court of Accounts Decision for testing the Guide regarding the compliance audit (in a new version). The development of the new version of the Guide was necessary to align it with the requirements of the ISSAI international standards and to strengthen the methodological framework of the Court of Accounts, in order to increase the level of professionalism of public auditors trained in compliance audits. Achieving this objective was possible through the assistance of EU’s experts, as well as the involvement of the CoARM’s Working Group members.

The plenary session of the Court of Accounts also approved, through the CoARM’s Decision, changes to the Audit Activity Program of the Court of Accounts for the year 2023. In this case, the admitted changes were determined by the requirements of the World Bank on projects with external financing, moreover, every year the number of audits by the Court of Accounts of these projects is increasing.

Another topic addressed during the meeting was the approval of the new Concept regarding the organization and operation of the Court of Accounts. The need and opportunity for institutional reorganization derives from the Development Strategy of the CoARM 2021-2025, the Action Plan regarding the implementation of the Development Strategy for the year 2022, the International Evaluation Report of the Court of Accounts "peer review", and other needs identified by the institution. Thus, the supreme audit institution set out to implement an organizational structure that is timely and appropriate for achieving the proposed strategic objectives.

The new structural Concept will ensure institutional development and professional consolidation, including specialization in the performance of different types of audits, increasing the quality of the final product of the Court of Accounts.


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