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The President of the Court of Accounts had a meeting with the Mission of the Central Office of the International Fund for Agricultural Development

  • 11.09.2023
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A team of the Central Office Mission of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), accompanied by representatives of the Consolidated Unit for the Implementation of IFAD Programs (CUIP-IFAD), had a meeting with Marian Lupu, President of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM), today, September 11. The CoARM’s team was also represented by Tatiana Șevciuc, CoARM’s Member and Violeta Balan, Head of Section.

Enrico Protomastro, Program Officer from the IFAD Central Office and Iurie Ușurelu, CUIP-IFAD Director discussed the concept of realizing the new IFAD IX Project and the possible involvement of the Court of Accounts in the evaluation and auditing process of the Project.

The IFAD official noted the CoARM's contribution in auditing other programs and projects, highly appreciated by other external partners such as the World Bank. Also, Enrico Protomastro emphasized the importance of cooperation with the Court of Accounts in the process of auditing the use of external funds, the supreme audit institution in the country being considered externally as an institution that operates in accordance with international audit standards and with all quality rigors in the field of external public audit.

Mr. Marian Lupu informed the guests about the CoARM's experience in auditing projects implemented by external partners, such as the World Bank, the European Union, as well as about the external evaluations of the Court of Accounts, which confirmed the quality and compliance of the institution's activity with the high international quality standards. The President of the CoARM noted the importance of the programs and projects for the development of the agricultural sector, financed from external sources, highlighting the availability of the Court of Accounts to continue the dialogue regarding the evaluation and auditing of this segment.

The participants also discussed the challenges faced by the Court of Accounts as the supreme audit institution, as well as the necessary developments to ensure the strengthening and maintenance of the capacities of the institution and the human resources of the CoARM, for the successful fulfillment of the institution's mandate.

We mention that since 2000 and until now, farmers in the country have benefited from IFAD financing in the framework of 8 other projects, with a total value of 147 million US dollars. The future IFAD Project will support, in particular, young farmers and women farmers to become more actively involved in agricultural activities related to production and marketing. Also, the activities of the new project will be focused on creating better conditions in the rural environment, providing support for stimulating the cooperation of small agricultural producers, for the development of value chains and strengthening the potential of the agricultural sector resilient to climate change.

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