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The Court of Accounts has published the 2022 Annual Report

  • 18.09.2023
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The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) has published the 2022 Annual Report, which analyzes and generalizes the conclusions and observations of the CoARM on the way of formation, administration and use of financial resources and public patrimony in the expired financial year, and for some audit entities and topics – and in other relevant periods, according to the Audit Activity Programs related to the annual audit cycle (September 2022 – September 2023).

The purpose of the Annual Report of the Court of Accounts is to present to the Parliament, the Government, the audited entities and the society the main systemic problems and findings formulated in the context of the external public audit activity.

The reporting period is characterized by prioritizing the auditing of central public authorities and their subordinate entities, as well as public institutions, with 613 entities covered by audit procedures. Also, during the reported period, the CoARM focused its activity on some important areas, such as:

  • compliance of capital expenditures and investments at natural gas companies that have been imposed public service obligations;
  • compliance with the management of public assets (including subsidies) by public institutions in the field of quality infrastructure;
  • National Cancer Control Program;
  • special protection procedures for children at risk;
  • granting compensations and humanitarian aid to farmers affected by natural calamities on the 2020 harvest;
  • implementation of the Water Supply and Sanitation Strategy;
  • the use of public financial resources allocated for the administration of the state-guaranteed legal assistance system;
  • administration and use of public financial resources and public patrimony by the General Prosecutor's Office and the Superior Council of Prosecutors;
  • information technologies etc.

Through audit reports, the Court of Accounts constantly provides information on how money is spent by central and local public authorities and on the performance of the public sector. The supreme audit institution also makes recommendations that help the audited entities to improve and strengthen their institutional management, to remedy the deficiencies found by the audit, to optimize the management of resources based on the principles of good governance, through the lens of benefits for society.

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