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  • 22.11.2010
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On November 22-27, 2010, the Court of Accounts’ delegation, headed by its President, Mrs. Ala Popescu, participates in the 20th INCOSAI Congress. In accordance with Article 4, paragraph 5, letter (h) of the INTOSAI statute, the 19th INCOSAI Congress decided to organize the event by the supreme audit institution of South Africa.

Discussions at the congress will focus on two main subjects: the value and advantages of supreme audit institutions, environment audit and sustainable development.

Besides, during the Congress session, the INTOSAI General Secretariat will present the report for the triennial period, which preceded the Congress; 2011-2013 triennial budget; INCOSAI Manual for the INTOSAI Committees; Report on strategic planning.

Commission for Professional Standards will present the Report which will include reports from the sub-committees on reports’ transparency and obligation; directives of financial audit, performance audit; compliance audit; internal audit standards; accounting and communication standards. The report will also include reports on the promotion of the activities for ISA capacity consolidation; development of advisory services; promotion of best practices; IT audit; environment audit; fight against corruption and money laundering; national key indicators.

The goal of the Congress is to help SAI conduct transparent audits and improve the use and management of public financial resources in order to accelerate the process of socio-economic development of all countries.

The major aim of the 20th INCOSAI Congress is to share knowledge, discussions and fruitful debates within the limits of mentioned subjects and to provide opportunities to reaffirm and strengthen relations of cooperation between member SAIs of INTOSAI.

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