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Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova

Serafim Urechean: the terminal e-Gate at the airport is only a piece of decor

  • 20.11.2015
  • 1084

"Red rag to bulls" - so named the President of the Court of Auditors, Serafim Urechean, the e-Gate software installed at Chisinau airport, which theoretically allows processing of personal data in just 15 seconds, but that does not work for two years. According to Urechean, the system is just part of the decor and its only purpose was for someone to launder some money. On the other hand, according to the head of the Border Police, Dorin Purice, the device is obsolete and just reads biometric data for blue passports, TRM.MD learned from TV "Moldova 1". Serafim Urechean said the automated control system of Chisinau International Airport, bought three years ago on European funds, is unworkable and urged those responsible to remove it from there. On the other hand, Dorin Purice says the device can not read data from a new type of biometric passports. To adapt it to the new system it needs about €25,000, more than its purchase price.

To buy the device, authorities have paid more than half a million Moldovan leu (some €24,000). 

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