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“Quality Management System”

  • 28.10.2008
  • 1487

On activities carried out under the SNAO and Audit Scotland mission to the Court of Accounts 20-23 October 2008. Subproject “Quality Management System”

    Under the subproject “Quality Management System”, during 20-23 October 2008, an SNAO and Audit Scotland mission to the Court of Accounts took place, with the participation of 3 experts from the Audit Scotland (Meahan Lorna, Hislop Carol and Rundell Jim).
    The objective of the mission was to provide assistance in the area of quality for the implementation of the second stage of the subproject for 2008-2009, such as development and integration of the quality framework in the audits carried out by the Court of Accounts as well as finalize the chapter on Quality Framework from the Regularity Audit Manual.
    On the recommendation of the experts, a quality team was established at the Court of Accounts composed of 9 people, which is to monitor the quality of the audits carried out by the Court employees. The experts met with the quality team to discuss about the nature of the activities to be undertaken with a view to implement the quality framework at the Court of Accounts.
    The seminar reunited the members of the working group for quality framework (5 people) and the quality team (9 people), being used 101 man/hour.

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