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International public procurement workshop

  • 16.02.2022
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The representatives of the company Open Contracting Partnership (OCP), of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) and of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova, participated in a discussion workshop, organized on February 16th. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the challenges of monitoring public procurement through the use of analytical tools.

During the meeting, the CoARM’s Member, Pentru Rotaru and Tatiana Caraman, Head of the Synthesis and Reporting Department shared the institution's experience in the context of conducting public procurement compliance audits, as well as talked about systemic issues in this field. Thus, the CoARM found a number of low value purchases, comparable to the volume of tenders taking place in the public procurement system (9 billion lei or 4.4% of GDP), as well as identified the components of the public procurement system that need to be improved and the imperfect legal framework.

Vladimir Arachelov, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Finance, stressed the need to use analytical tools for risk assessment in the public procurement system. He expressed his support from the Ministry of Finance in making changes in the regulatory and legal field to improve the efficiency of the external public audit activity.

Vitaliy Trenkenshu shared his experience in developing and implementing risk assessment tools in public procurement in the field of external public audit in Kazakhstan and automating the work of the auditors.

Vladimir Tarnay presented cases of implementing a risk-based approach to monitoring public procurement in Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, documenting the challenges facing state financial control authorities along the way.

Viktor Nestulia, the OCP's representative, presented the OCP's methodological developments in risk identification and demonstrated use cases for working with the Business Intelligence procurement analysis module.

The event was part of joint efforts to contribute to the development of the public procurement sector, to promote innovation and to improve the efficiency of public procurement monitoring.


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