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Information technologies – a driver for CoA development

  • 11.12.2008
  • 1596
   To carry out the objective to develop information technologies (IT), during October-November 2008, a group of experts from “On line Datensysteme GmbH” conducted a feasibility study in order to appreciate an integrated IT solution for the CoA.
The results of the study were presented to the CoA staff on December 10, 2008.
Following the study, a report was drafted comprising the conclusions about the current situation of the technical infrastructure and proposals for its complete reconstitution.
The implementation of the proposals would produce major changes in what regards procurement of hardware and software, which would facilitate audit and supporting activities at the CoA in the future in line with the European standards.
The report included:
-    Proposals to improve the IT Strategy based on the internal operational processes and strategic development objectives;
-    A concept on future IT development;
-    Analysis of the general functional requirements for the IT and communication infrastructure to support the CoA needs;
-    A concept for an integrated IT&C solution;
-    A conceptual description of the automation of all aspects of CoA activities.
The feasibility study was conducted on the account of the Multi Donor Trust Fund managed by the World Bank.

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