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Ways of cooperation between the Court of Accounts and the Government

  • 16.09.2008
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    In a meeting called at the Government, with the participation of First Deputy Prime Minister I. Dodon, Minister of Economy and Trade; Deputy Prime Minister V. Stepaniuc; Minister of Finance M. Durlesteanu; and other Government officials, chaired by Moldovan Premier Z. Greceanii, President of the Court of Accounts A. Popescu presented a report on the most important issues and irregularities found by the Court of Accounts following the controls carried out in 2007 - 8 months of 2008; the situation regarding the executory discipline of the heads of central public authorities subordinated to the Government towards the decisions of the Court of Accounts and their compulsory execution. The President of the Court of Accounts presented proposals to enhance efficiency of cooperation between the Government and the Court of Accounts in terms of making accountable the heads for the management of public finances and assets, to promote the reform of the public financial management, ensuring consistency of internal audit reform and external audit reform, to establish in the Government a reporting system on the execution of the requirements and recommendations made by the Court of Accounts for the central public authorities.

Premier Zinaida Greceanii appreciated as timely the organization of such meetings for the support of the proposals presented by the Court of Accounts and Government members present at the meeting. At the end of the meeting it was decided:
a)     To appoint a responsible person from the Government Apparatus to monitor permanently the execution of the Court of Accounts decisions by the authorities subordinated to the Government;
b)    To establish a permanent working group for hearing the reports of the ministers and other budget executors;
The Government to approve a decision regarding the implementation of the recommendations and requirements set out in the Report of the Court of Accounts on the management of public financial resources in 2007.

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