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The Court of Accounts will continue to receive technical assistance from the EU

  • 18.10.2021
  • 2564

The prospects for future cooperation in the context of the assistance provided by the European Union were discussed today, October 18, during the meeting of the President of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM), Marian Lupu with the Project Manager of the European Union’s Delegation (EUD) in Moldova, Josip Juric.

The European official made the first visit to the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) at the beginning of his term in the EUD. Peeter Latti, an European expert, as well as the CoARM’s Members - Petru Rotaru and Andrei Munteanu also took part in the discussions.

The President of the institution informed about the progress made by the Court of Accounts in assimilating the technical assistance provided by the European Union, working with European experts, which provides support in strengthening financial audit, planning strategy and improving cooperation with stakeholders, etc. Also, was discussed the importance of the external evaluation of the Court of Accounts, through the peer-review exercise which is at the finalization stage, as well as the objectives of the CoARM’s Development Strategy for the next five years.

The participants in the meeting discussed the importance of ensuring an efficient cooperation between the Legislature and the SAI in order to strengthen the function of parliamentary control over the good management of public money. In this context, the EUD official was informed about the good practices in the CoARM's cooperation with the Public Finance Control Committee to increase the impact of the audit activity.

Josip Juric noted the successes of the country's audit institution in the development of institutions and the application of international standards in the work of the CoARM and reiterated the readiness of the European Union to continue its support for the Court of Accounts in technical assistance projects.

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