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The Court of Accounts participates in the PEFA methodology training workshop, organized by the World Bank

  • 08.07.2021
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The President of the Court of Accounts, Marian Lupu, participated today, July 8, in the opening of the training workshop on the methodology of evaluation of public expenditures and financial accountability (PEFA), organized by the World Bank.

The event was organized online and brought together representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Court of Accounts, State Chancellery, Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Public Procurement Agency, NMIH, State Tax Service, Customs Service, Financial Inspection, etc.

Representatives of public institutions will be trained, between July 8-12, on issues focused on the basic elements of PEFA 2016 - results, pillars, indicators and dimensions, objectives and tasks of all participants within the PEFA process, analysis of public finance management performance (FMP), managing the PEFA evaluation process and using PEFA to improve the FMP.

The Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Assessment (PEFA) program was initiated in 2001 by seven international development partners: the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the governments of France, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. PEFA was initially a means of harmonizing the evaluation of the FMP between partner organizations. Subsequently, it became the recognized standard for FMP assessments.

The PEFA program provides a framework for assessing and reporting on the strengths and weaknesses of public financial management using quantitative indicators to measure the performance. PEFA identifies 94 characteristics (dimensions) on 31 key components of public financial management (indicators) in 7 broad areas of activity (pillars).

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