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The Court of Accounts participated in the third meeting of the Audit Group for the JOP „Black Sea Basin”

  • 31.03.2021
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The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) participated in the third meeting of the Group of Auditors for the joint operational program (JOP) "Black Sea Basin". The event took place online on March 31.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria and other partner states involved in implementing the program, the Court of Accounts being represented by Tatiana Vozian, Head of General Department and the auditors - Goriuc Teodorina and Apostol Natalia.

During the event, the initiation of the system audit on the functionality of the management and control system of the program was discussed, as well as the deadlines for presenting the preliminary findings and recommendations. At the same time, the specific nature of the approach in this cycle of audit activity was highlighted, which is due to the pandemic conditions. Also, the adjustments to be made within the Audit Strategy of the Audit Authority of the program were highlighted.

Within this mission, the members of the Group of Accounts, the representatives of the CoA, in its capacity of National Authority are to audit the Ministry of Finance, as National Contact Point for Control and national authority responsible for coordinating and consulting aspects related to project control in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

The Romanian Audit Authority mentioned the importance of active collaboration between the representatives of different states in order to ensure a truthful and uniform evaluation of the national management and control systems established for the implementation of cross-border cooperation programs.

We note that the Black Sea Basin JOP is one of the cross-border cooperation programs funded by the European Neighborhood Instrument, with a budget provided by the European Union of 49 million euros, the general objective of the Program being to improve the welfare of people in the Black Sea region throughout sustainable economic development and environmental protection.

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