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Meeting at the Court of Accounts with the European Commission’s public finance expert

  • 20.09.2010
  • 1719
Monday, September 20, 2010, the European Commission’s expert, Mr. Erwin Reister, an expert in public finance, held a meeting with officials of the Court of Accounts. Mr. Erwin Reister had come to Moldova with a mission to assess the Budget Support Program “Assistance for the health care reform in Moldova”, financed by the European Commission.

The European Commission offered to the Republic of Moldova a budget support for the field of health sector under the Program “Assistance for the health care reform in Moldova”, financed by the budget support mechanism of the European Commission Annual Action Program. Evaluation of results and disbursement of money under the program “Assistance for the health care reform in Moldova” are performed basing on the implementation of the Policy Matrix.

In this context, the leaders of the Court of Accounts reported briefly about the three audits conducted by the Court of Accounts in the reviewed area, provided in the Policy Matrix, noting that the Court of Accounts’ role is to improve the present situation and to help increase accuracy of financial reports concerning audited entities, emphasizing, at the same time, performances and achievements recorded in the health sector. The Court of Accounts audited the government report on the implementation of mandatory health insurance funds in 2009, and, during the period of September-October 2010, the Court of Accounts will audit the actual value of the important medical equipment purchased in 2008 and 2009 by the Ministry of Health and its subordinate institutions.
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