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Implementation of the recommendations of the external evaluation regarding the ITC system of the CoARM, discussed during a working session

  • 11.04.2021
  • 392

The representatives of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) and the external evaluators met within a teleconference working session, organized on April 9.

The discussions focused on the implementation of the actions included in the Action Plan, developed by the CoARM in the context of the recommendations submitted in the Security Assessment Report of business and support IT systems and ITC infrastructure of the CoARM. The CoARM’s employees - Elena Gudumac, deputy head of the Apparatus, Vitalie Babără, head of the IT and internal security department (ITISD), Natalia Paduca, head of the finance and logistics department, Valentin Cotelnic, deputy head of the human resources and documentation department, Ion Balmuș, ITISD employee discussed with George Antoci, the representative of the evaluation company the priority of the actions as well as the practical implementation of the recommendations.

We mention that the evaluation of the security of the business and support IT systems and the ITC infrastructure of the CoARM was initiated at the initiative of the Court of Accounts in order to identify problems and remedy them.

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