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Event, dedicated to the Professional Day of the auditor

  • 03.04.2021
  • 408

The first edition of the round table, dedicated to the Professional Day of the auditor, was organized on April 2. The event organized by the Association of Internal Auditors of the Republic of Moldova was attended by about 60 internal auditors.

During the round table, Petru Rotaru, Member of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM), came with a congratulatory message, wishing great success to internal auditors in the not easy profession they have, expressing gratitude for the work of internal auditors, which perform professional internal audits, coming in partial relief of the work of external auditors. In his turn, the president of the Association, Cristina Copăceanu, awarded the Court of Accounts a Diploma of gratitude as a sign of high gratitude and appreciation for supporting in the development and promotion of internal audit in the Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, Ana Scorpan, the internal auditor of the CoA, who is also the censor of the Association, came with a short presentation on "Curiosities in internal audit". Towards the end, various diplomas were awarded on the occasion of the Auditor's Professional Day.

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