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Discussions on improving the writing of audit reports

  • 18.01.2022
  • 904

The auditors of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) discussed, today, January 18, the aspects related to the elaboration of a performance audit report.

In this context, Ecaterina Paknehad, Head of the CoARM’s Apparatus, reported on the key elements of a performance audit report and on the issues that need attention and improvement.

The summary should accurately and concisely reflect the content of the entire report and provide the reader with guidance on the significance of the audit questions and the answers to them, including the most significant audit recommendations, the scope and approach of the audit, mentioned Ms. Paknehad.

The meeting’s participants had the opportunity to clarify all the details regarding the writing and preparation of a performance audit report.

We note that the performance of the Court of Accounts is an important task, as it gives taxpayers a clear assessment of how public money is spent.

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