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Congratulations on the occasion of Accountant and Auditor's Day

  • 03.04.2021
  • 391

Dear colleagues, dear auditors,

On the occasion of the professional holiday - the Day of the Accountant and Auditor in the Republic of Moldova, celebrated on April 4, on behalf of the Court of Accounts, we send you our warmest congratulations and best wishes.

It is an opportunity to mark with legitimate satisfaction the remarkable progress made by the Court of Accounts and its professionals in the field of external public audit. The image of the Court of Accounts is closely linked to the professionalism and responsible attitude demonstrated in carrying out audits by preparing quality reports, in close compliance with the requirements of international standards.

On the occasion of this festive day, we wish you good health, happiness, well-being, success in your professional activity, as well as on a personal level.


Marian Lupu,

President of the Court of Accounts

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