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3rd meeting of the Group of auditors of the JOP Romania - Republic of Moldova

  • 01.04.2021
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The group of auditors for the Joint Operational Program (JOP) "Romania - Republic of Moldova" met within a teleconference work session on April 1st.

The members of the Group of Auditors - Tatiana Vozian, Teodorina Goriuc and Natalia Apostol, represented the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova.

Participants discussed the specific nature of the approach in this audit activity cycle, which is due to pandemic conditions, which is why it was decided not to perform the system audit. As part of the system audit, the members of the Group of auditors are to audit the Ministry of Finance, in its capacity as the National Authority and National Control Point within the program, designated for the Republic of Moldova, on the grounds of achieving significant progress in the implementation of the audit recommendations submitted in the year previous.

Also, were discussed the adjustments to be made to the Audit Strategy of the Audit Authority of the program.

The representatives of the Romanian Audit Authority mentioned the importance of active collaboration between the representatives of different states to ensure a truthful and uniform assessment of the national management and control systems, established for the implementation of cross-border cooperation programs.

At the beginning of the opening session, a sensitive topic was addressed - "Covid-19 and its effects on accounting and auditing". The participants expressed their concerns regarding the negative effects of the pandemic, which managed to modify several aspects in the activity of accounting and auditing, but managed to mobilize to think differently and manage the situation with minimal harmful and vulnerable consequences.

During the session, Petru Rotaru, Member of the CoARM, mentioned that the Court of Accounts, like other institutions in the country, is not an exception, the pandemic period being a very good lesson in the perspective of digitizing the audit process. The Court of Accounts is currently implementing a software related to the financial audit, in perspective the compliance audit, being at the testing stage of 3 pilot missions with the support of foreign experts from the delegation of the European Union, ending in the 2021 financial year. At the same time, the Court of Accounts revised its internal Code of Ethics, emphasizing the qualities that a public auditor must possess, namely, competence, equidistantness from the institution he audits and the ability to face all challenges, reported Mr. Rotaru.

During the event, the latest national and international trends in accounting and auditing were discussed, including those involving the digitization of the activity, the ethics and integrity of the accounting and auditing professions, the accounting errors detected in tax inspections, the rules regarding money laundering, accountant's professional judgment, external audit quality control are some of the many issues facing the local community of accountants and auditors.

We mention that the conference is dedicated to the celebration of the professional holiday - Accountant and Auditor's Day, established throughout the Presidential Decree from 29.01.2021.

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