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The Court of Accounts participated in the workshop related to TAIEX and TWINNING instruments

  • 05.03.2023
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The Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM) participated on the 2nd of March, in the workshop related to the assistance instruments from the European Union in the field of strengthening TAIEX and TWINNING institutional capacities. The event was organized by the Ministry of Finance, as the national contact point for the mentioned programs, with the participation of representatives of the European Union delegation in the Republic of Moldova.

The workshop focused on the general presentation of the TAIEX and TWINNING Instruments, as well as the ways to use them in the context of the European integration process of the Republic of Moldova and the strengthening of institutional capacities in this regard.

The discussions at the event were moderated by Francisco Lopez-Menchero, Deputy Head of DG NEAR/C3 (the department responsible for coordinating TWINNING and TAIEX at EU level), the European Commission, which presented details about these tools, including the opportunities for the Republic of Moldova, how to use them, the procedures for preparing and submitting requests.

We mention that TAIEX and TWINNING are tools for strengthening the EU institutions, managed by the General Directorate for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations of the European Commission. TAIEX is designed to provide short-term assistance to public administrations. TAIEX experts are volunteers from the public administrations of EU Member States who share their experience in the application of EU legislation.

TWINNING is a way of institutional cooperation used by the EU, through which public administrations in EU countries share their experience with public administrations in partner or beneficiary countries. The support offered through the TWINNING projects is used as a way to modernize the capacity in public administrations by training staff, supporting structural reorganization, supporting the sectoral reforms of the partner countries in terms of public administration and supporting the legislative approach to the European Union.

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