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Priorities, cooperation and coordination in 2009

  • 27.01.2009
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   During 26-30 January 2009, representatives of the SNAO are paying a visit to the CoA. During the visit, the following issues will be discussed:
•    Strategy for the implementation of the new Law on the Court of Accounts;
•    Development of the next Annual Audit Reports.

On 5 December 2008, the Parliament approved the new Law on the Court of Accounts that entered into force on 1 January 2009. The adoption of the new law demonstrated the willingness of the Parliament to provide more independence to the Court of Accounts (in particular, in what regards its budget), an explicit mandate to carry out the external audit of the three main state budgets, an explicit requirement to carry out performance audits on the use of resources by the Government. Obviously, that the key priority for 2009 will be the implementation of the new law and activities related to this process – to promote the law internally and externally, to develop the new organizational structure of the CoA, to adjust and amend the internal acts and regulations with the provisions of the new law etc. All these activities are to be carried within reasonable timeframes, in accordance with the approved plan and with the support of the SNAO and World Bank.

In what regards its cooperation with the SNAO, the CoA made many efforts to improve its annual reporting. The report on the management of public financial resources in 2007, presented by the CoA, is more reader-friendly, has a clearer structure with segregation between findings, analyses and recommendations and a more explicit indication of what has to be further done.

The development of the next Annual Audit Reports is related to the new Law on the Court of Accounts, which provides for new, stricter requirements on audit, in accordance with the internationally recognized audit standards. Due to this fact, it will be necessary to apply a step-by-step method that would introduce the audit reporting standards for the future, after the introduction of the audit as such. The annual audit report will be the first, which will regularly reflect the implementation of an audit as such within the entire public administration.
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