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The representative of the Court of Accounts participated in the meeting of the Francophonie Audit Committee

  • 21.04.2023
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On April 20, at the headquarters of the International Organization of Francophonie (IOF), located in the city of Paris, France, was organized the meeting of the Audit Committee (AC) of the IOF. The meeting was attended by Viorica Verdeș, Head of the Audit Department of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova (CoARM), who is one of the 8 members of the Audit Committee.

Another 3 members are representatives of the states of Canada, the Republic of Cameroon and the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2 members are appointed by the Permanent Council following the recommendation of the Francophone Union of the internal audit. Also, the president of the Administrative and Financial Commission and the president of the Cooperation and Programming Commission of IOF participate in the activity of the Audit Committee.

The main purpose of the Committee’s meeting was to approve the statement regarding the conclusions of the IOF AC’s meeting from 20.12.2022, the presentation of the activity report of the Internal Audit and Evaluation Department for the first quarter of the current year, as well as the information regarding the implementation of the action plans of the IOF’s management. Also, the recommendations of the Audit Committee issued in the previous periods and the reasons for the non-implementation of 4 recommendations out of the total of 58 recommendations issued by the AC, starting in 2014, were discussed.

During the meeting, the activity plan of the Internal Audit and Evaluation Directorate for the period 2023-2024 was presented, which will be oriented towards the evaluation of some important areas: cyber security, IOF decentralization, staff digital skills, travel management, payroll, external representation.

At the same time, the AC’s members were provided with updated information on the implementation of the integrated management software package (ERP) - SAP S/4 HANA, which would ensure a consistency of financial and accounting management of the IOF.

Another topic addressed during the AC’s meeting was the evaluation of the internal audit activity, but also the information regarding the new mandate of the external auditor of the IOF, which will be carried out by the Court of Auditors of Belgium.

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