Court of Accounts of the Republic of Moldova

Time Recording Subproject


The second mission under the “Time Recording” Subproject took place at the Court of Accounts on 27-28 October 2008.

On the part of the Court of Accounts the working meetings were attended by Mrs. E. Foca, Mr. Gh. Cojocari, Mrs. E. Paknehad, Mr. A. Groza, Mrs. V. Madan, Mrs. S. Ciuvalschi, Mrs. N. Trofim, Mrs. A. Pascaru, Mrs. N. Baltaga, Mrs. C. Ciolac, Mr. G. Antoci.
On the part of the experts: Bo Lundholm, Johanna Ekberg, Hakan Dahlstrom.

Bo Lundholm made a presentation of the time-recording system used at the Swedish Statistics Office.

Johana Ekberg presented the time-recording system used at the Finish Statistics Office.

Angela Pascaru made a presentation of the time-recording system used at the Serbian Statistics Office (experience acquired during the study visit on 2-3 October 2008).

The presentations were followed by further discussions regarding the introduction and testing of the time-recording system at the Court of Accounts.

The participants agreed on the text of the Terms of References and a working group was established to provide support with a view to develop and implement a time-recording system. The lead of the group is A. Pascaru; group members: E.Foca, Gh. Cojocari, E. Paknehad, V. Madan, S. Ciuvalschi, N. Trofim, A. Frunze, C. Ciolac, N. Baltaga, G. Antoci, A. Sasco.

The participants also agreed on the actions to be taken by each party until the next expert mission to take place early in December.